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Best Alternative To Fender Strat – The Vintage Icon Series V6HMRSB – DEMO & REVIEW [VIDEO]


Over the years, I have had several Fender Stratocaster and “strat” style guitars.

It wasn’t until about 2 months ago that I come across an alternative to the Fender Strat that really gave the Fender a run for it’s money.

I was intrigued by the cool look of the Vintage Icon Series V6 Distressed Sunburst strat style guitar.

After playing it the first time I was literally blown away.

Right out of the box the guitar was setup and played flawlessly. I wish I could say that’s the way my Fender guitars arrived.

The V6HMRSB plays and sounds fantastic.

The neck is a satin finish 1 piece maple with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has Trev Wilkinson locking tuners, pickups and bridge. It also comes with a graphite nut.

The locking tuners, nut and bridge are the 3 vital components that keep a guitar in tune. I can dive bomb all day on this tremolo and it will stay in tune.

The tremolo arm slides in and there is a screw under the bridge to adjust the swing tension for it.

The V6 comes with the standard 5-way pickup selector switch, 1 volume, and 2 tone knobs.

Observations after 2 months:

I have played this guitar everyday for hours and after 2 months the only thing I have had to do is retighten the input jack.

Is it a Fender Stratocaster? No. They both are great. I’ll keep all of mine.

Which do I prefer to play? I prefer the Vintage at this time.

Is the Vintage worth the price? No brainer. Absolutely. I bought a Fender Strat for 5 times the price of the Vintage. The Vintage has been more reliable and sounds better.

** REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION. I get no money from Vintage or Fender nor am I endorsed by either. **


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