Demo of EVH Custom Build Guitar – Overview of Hardware (VIDEO)

The final video of the EVH custom build includes demo through the EVH 5150iii lunchbox amp and an overview of the hardware I used. I replaced all of the hardware and used only the neck and the body.

The full story begins here.  Here is full list of all of the components I used for this build.

Part I: Unboxing –
Part II: Sanding/Staining Body –
Part III: Staining Maple Veneer –

Links to products I used (and love – quality):
* BYO – EVH Guitar Kit – evh-style-electric-guitar-kit-unfinished
* Floyd Rose Original w/ R3 nut –
* Yngwie Malmsteen Volume 500K pot –
* Swithcraft 3-way switch –
* Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Bridge & SH-1 59 Neck ZEBRA Humbucker Pickup Set –
* Switchcraft input jack –
* Extra wire –
* Stewart Mac Stain – Vintage amber
* Tuners – Important – You need 4 LEFT –
* Tuners – Important – You need 2 RIGHT –


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