DEMO – Fender Roadhouse Deluxe Stratocaster [VIDEO]


Welcome to week 1 of G.A.A (Gear Addicts Anonymous) for gear heads like you and me.

I love getting new gear in search of the ultimate tone. I’m not alone.

The truth is, most people would rather buy a new piece of gear instead of practicing.

It’s ironic because your fingers really produce most of the tone you get out of the guitar.

Don’t get me wrong the right gear can get you close but there is no substitute for skill.

Any any rate, get ready for a weekly dose of gear demos at GuitarLava.

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Click here to check the lowest price on a Fender Roadhouse Deluxe.

This is a beautiful guitar and feels really great. The tone of the Texas Special pickups does not disappoint.

As a bonus Fender threw in the S-1 volume option that is hooked up to a 6-voice preamp powered by a 9volt battery.

The result is a ton of tonal combinations right at your fingertips.

In this video I give you an overview of the Fender Roadhouse Deluxe and demo all the sounds you can get.



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