Unboxing Electric Guitar Kit- EVH-Style – BYO Videos From Start to Finish

DIY EVH Guitar Kit Build From Start To Finish 

So after buying and selling dozens of guitars I decided to make my own. I really like the look and sound of EVH Wolfgang guitars but I’m not a fan of the switch placement. It seems to get in my way every time I want to tap on the lower frets.

So, when I found a kit that had the exact pickup, switch and volume/tone combo I bought it ($185 USD). I thought it would be cool to include you along the way as I fumble through building my first project guitar.

I’ll post a new video every Monday with the progress. Believe me, building a guitar even if you have a good body and neck, takes time and patience.

This kit comes with a maple veneer top on a basswood body. I plan on staining the maple veneer in Vintage Amber and finishing the back of the body with Minwax PolyShade.

I will upgrade all of the hardware including the pickups. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube so that you don’t miss an episode.

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