How to fix Noise in Your Studio – Get the HUM OUT [VIDEO]

My studio was driving me nuts for years and I just lived with it. I had a noise problem. I tried everything to fix it. Turned all the electric off. Bought a HumX. Bought a bunch of guitars (woe is me, right?).

Finally I figured it out.

My doorbell transformer was part of the cause but even with the doorbell completely disconnected I still got noise.

I looked around and thought, wait, what about my ISP Decimator II.


Here’s my rig in this video:

Vintage Icon Series v6 Guitar (
EVH 5150 III head (
Orange PPC 112C 1×12 Speaker Cabinet (

Through the effects loop:

Decimator II ( —
Boss DD-500 ( —
Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5 ( —
Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3 (

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