How to Play Thunderstruck Guitar Intro (with TAB) by AC/DC

The Thunderstruck guitar intro is an awesome 1-string guitar solo that every beginner can have fun with.

The Razor’s Edge was released in 1990 and Thunderstruck became a big hit for AC/DC.

In the video for the song, Angus Young dances around stage with one hand in the air jamming with just his left hand on the guitar. The showmanship is fun but in reality you’ll want to tame it down a bit when you learn this guitar solo.

Master the Thunderstruck intro lick with 3 sections.

1. Muting all strings BUT the B string (2nd string)
2. Learn the Hammer-On/Pull-Off pattern for the first phrase
3. Learn the final descending Hammer-On/Pull-Off phrase

This solo employs 3 techniques:

1. Muting unnecessary strings
2. Hammer-Ons
3. Pull-Offs

Some Tips to Master Thunderstruck:

1. Start slow
2. Give each note equal value
3. Concentrate on tone – when you hammer-on make it count. Hammer-on at the bottom of each fret for optimal tone.
4. Play with a metronome
5. Don’t stop if you mess up – keep going.

Thunderstruck Intro TAB-



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