How To Play Whole Lotta Rosie By AC/DC [VIDEO]


AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie guitar parts are simple but still rock.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though.  Timing is critical.

Playing “in the pocket” is essential.  That means practice, practice, and more practice.

Joe Walsh’s daughter Lucy told a story about her dad’s practice habits. She said Joe would practice the same lick for days. She didn’t understand why he would obsess over it for so long until she saw him nail it at a performance later in the week. It all made sense then.

Whole Lotta Rosie is an “easy” song. The more you play it and practice your timing the better it will sound and feel.

Now go drive your girlfriend, roommates or parents crazy and rock it out!

Guitar used in video is a Vintage V100 Gold Top used with S-Gear CK Blues (modified JB Blues) virtual amp setting.

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