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Loudest Guitar Amp Under $150 [VIDEO]

March 31, 2017

Support the channel by buying a cool t-shirt – Today is experiment day. In this video I wanted to see what kind of sound I’d get out of my Vox Pathfinder10 if I plugged it into my Marshall 4X12 cabinet. The Vox Pathfinder10 is a combo amp that includes a small Vox speaker. It […]


How to Get Randy Rhoads Epic Sound on a Budget

August 22, 2016

Sounds pro doesn’t have to cost a fortune! So, you want to be a shredder? Randy was the ultimate shredder. His guitar licks were well thought out. They are fun to play and great training exercises. Getting Randy’s sound is no longer a mystery. Here’s what you need: Click on the pictures for more info […]