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How to fix Noise in Your Studio – Get the HUM OUT [VIDEO]

August 3, 2018

My studio was driving me nuts for years and I just lived with it. I had a noise problem. I tried everything to fix it. Turned all the electric off. Bought a HumX. Bought a bunch of guitars (woe is me, right?). Finally I figured it out. My doorbell transformer was part of the cause […]


How To Use Virtual Drummer In Logic Pro X [VIDEO]

April 13, 2017

Support the channel by buying a cool t-shirt – Today I’m going to show you how I get started when recording a new song in Logic Pro X. The first thing I do is add a new virtual drummer track. In Logic X, the virtual drums are easily customizable. It’s addicting how easy it […]


Add Speed To Your Guitar Solos With This Lick [VIDEO]

March 15, 2017

Support the channel by buying a cool t-shirt – If you say you don’t want to shred then you’re lying. Every guitarist wants to play fast. Some play fast but not so tastefully while others give up before they get any speed. This lick solves both problems. It’s tasteful and it will add some […]


Coolest Robben Ford Blues Lick Ever* [VIDEO]

February 7, 2017

Robben Ford is one of the most tasteful guitar players on the planet. Every performance is solid and his tone is amazing. If he happens be using his Dumble Overdrive Special (Serial number 002) it’s a special moment. Those amps fetch at least $50,000 used. That is, if you are lucky enough to find one […]


Vintage V100GT (Gold Top) – FULL DEMO & REVIEW [VIDEO]

January 29, 2017

The Vintage V100 GT is an impressive guitar straight out of the box. I was skeptical of the quality because of the low price. The Vintage V100GT looks and feels a lot of like a Gibson Les Paul. In this video I jump right into the sound samples. Vintage V100GT Features: Body: Mahogany Top: Solid […]


How To Play You Think You’re Tough by RATT – Complete Guitar Lesson [VIDEO]

January 16, 2017

After going down memory lane with the Round and Round complete guitar lesson, I couldn’t help but add You Think You’re Tough next. Warren Demartini tore up the solo on Round and Round and today Robbin Crosby tears it up on You Think You’re Tough. One of the things I loved about Ratt was their […]


How To Play Round and Round by RATT – Complete Guitar Lesson [VIDEO]

January 13, 2017

Even before I started playing guitar I loved jamming to Ratt. Warren Demartini and Robbin Crosby tore it up on the fretboard and had some really cool screamin’ harmonies. In this video I walk you through each part of the song. Both rhythm parts and both harmonies. I used my Vintage V6HMRSB along with Scuffham […]


How To Play Whole Lotta Rosie By AC/DC [VIDEO]

January 8, 2017

  AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie guitar parts are simple but still rock. Simple doesn’t mean easy though.  Timing is critical. Playing “in the pocket” is essential.  That means practice, practice, and more practice. Joe Walsh’s daughter Lucy told a story about her dad’s practice habits. She said Joe would practice the same lick for days. She didn’t understand why […]


How To Play Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne [VIDEO]

January 5, 2017

  Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne has to be one of the more fun guitar songs to play. The entire song is interesting and rocks. The solo is classic. Today we’re focus on the main parts of the song. There are 4 main sections of Crazy Train. Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus In this video I’ll […]

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