How To Tap Like Steve Vai – Shy Boy Style (with TAB)

Guitar tapping is a technique where you tap on a fret to sound a note using your picking hand. Eddie Van Halen will hold his pick in his mouth or 2nd finger and tap with his index finger (pointer finger). I have always tapped like Steve Vai by hold my pick normally and tapping with my middle finger. By tapping with your middle finger it allows you to switch back and forth between picking and tapping without much effort.

When you combine tapping with pull-offs and hammer-ons you can create flowing legato phrases with lots of speed.

Guitar Tapping Tips:

  1. Start slowly and build your speed up
  2. Make sure the tapped note has good tone
  3. Start by mastering one string (high e – 1st string)
  4. Focus on tone – speed will come!



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